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80th Birthday Party

Glacier National Park Avalanche Lake

They key to a successful 80th birthday party is having a lot of your family in town to celebrate. My grandmother in law was turning 80 and we were invited to attend her celebration in Choteau, Montana. I was thrilled to spend time with my extended family in laws (is that even a phrase). I knew we would also get another chance to visit Glacier National Park. This would be my second time there. The first time I went to Montana was in 2008.

My grandfather had passed away the year before and it really hit me that I had no living grandparents left but Matt’s grandmother’s were my grandmothers. His family history was my family history and most importantly my children’s family heritage. I had a renewed interest in learning the family stories so that I would be able to teach my children. It was great that my children got to see their great grandmother and get photos with her.

We went to Glacier National Park and did the trail of the Cedars and Avalanche Lake. I was very grateful for my in laws (parents and sisters) for helping me with the two kids. Matt wasn’t able to come to Montana for this trip because of school but I had lots of help and they didn’t make me feel like a burden. My daughter is 3.5 and she did the whole hike by herself. We took lots of breaks but she did 5 miles by herself. I was super proud of her and shows me she can do hard things. I had the baby carrier for my toddler and he was a pleasant companion for the hike.

We saw my father in law’s old house and school (it’s this tiny school house that is K-8). We also went to the smallest dinosaur museum ever.

We played the candy bar game with Matt’s family, ate Grandma’s pies (she had to work during her birthday party), went to the local ice cream shop and went to his aunt and uncles reservoir to play. It was so nice to meet some more of his family and spend time together. You don’t have to do much to have a great time. I hope Grandma had a wonderful 80th birthday party.

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