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Dream Playground Gathering Place Oklahoma

Dream Playground The Gathering Place Tulsa Oklahoma

The Gathering Place is a child’s dream playground. It definitely makes Tulsa, Oklahoma a destination spot. Cristina, a friend of mine from high-school, lives outside of Tulsa and she posted they went here.  I was able to talk to her about it before we went and she kept telling me how big it was. I didn’t appreciate how big it was until I got there. Tulsa was on the way for us when we moved from Missouri to Arizona.

Initially we were only planning on spending an hour at the playground before dinner on the way to the hotel. However, once we arrived we realized it truly is a dream playground and spent way more than an hour. There is just so much to do. Even after a few hours we felt like we had more to do so we spent the next morning at the playground as well. We left only because we needed to continue our move out west.

I told my sister and brother in law who were living in Kansas at the time that they HAD to make a weekend trip and plan for at least a whole day at the gathering place. My brother in law is a landscape architecture and apparently the design of the Gathering Place was on his radar. Even though it’s a playground it’s beautifully done so adults and children love it. There are tons of walking paths and so many things to look at.

The Gathering Place- Dream Playground

The playground is a dream because there is a everything there. It’s comprised of lots of little areas or playgrounds to make one massive one.  There is a zipline, maze, musical area, slides, sand, water, climbing, fantasy castles, wood castles, and boats. I liked that as an adult I didn’t have to duck to much while in some of the play structures. It made it easier to play with the kids and keep an eye on them.

The playground and parking are free. They even had boat rentals (kayaks and paddle boats to rent for free). We went to the gathering place in July 2019 and the boat rentals were not yet available since the park had only been open less than a year. Apparently when phases II and III are finished there will be a 100 acres in the whole park. Children can definitely get lost in the Gathering Place so keep a close eye on everyone.

The park attendants are so kind and helpful.  They showed me the app you can download for the map of the park. We brought our swim suits and they were used in the fountains and the water play area. The Midwest has certainly shown us a great year.

We were only planning on staying a hour but stayed much longer. So, by the time we got to the hotel we were all famished. We picked up Hideaway Pizza and it was so good. Dream Playground The Gathering Place Tulsa Oklahoma

The Gathering Place Tulsa Oklahoma The Gathering Place Tulsa Oklahoma Tulsa Oklahoma The Gathering Place Tulsa Oklahoma The Gathering Place

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